Paper Vision

Paper Vision Sonic Logo from Northern Disco Lights on Vimeo.

This 'ident' or Sonicification is the culmination of work from Futureworks Media School in Manchester. Josh Campher produced the animation and Craig Burgess of Deftear created the sound design. We'll be using as a sonic ident on our films and other related projects

Paper Visions first documentary film:

Norway is a country of long winters, oil reserves, high prices, black metal……and some of the best house and disco in the world!

This film tries investigates how and why.

Starting in the mid-90s, this relatively small Scandinavian country has been a hotbed of creativity and developed a unique, individual style of house music that has been exported all over the world.

From the disco town of Bergen and modern international city of Oslo to the northern lights of Tromsø and oil capital Stavanger, producers and DJs have created a sound that has absorbed and reflected the landscape and long winter nights but given it a killer groove. Mixing up underground disco, 80s synth pop, krautrock, dub, progressive rock, italo, jazz, soul, hip hop, latin, afro and house, a form of leftfield dance music has emerged that is instantly recognizable as Norwegian. It has also gone on to help shape modern dance music.

From originators like Bjørn Torske, Erot, Per Martinson, DJ Strangefruit and Those Norwegians on record labels like Paper Recordings and Tellé, a new sound was pioneered that continues to develop to this day. Their musical message has spread across the world with acts like electronic popsters Røyksopp, cosmic disco warriors Prins Thomas & Lindström, house hero Ralph Myerz, synth chanteur Annie and next big thing Todd Terje. And it is still growing with a new breed of youngsters emerging like Proviant Audio & The Treatment.

The film will trace the historical origins of Norwegian house and disco, trying to find out why a small Scandinavian country has developed such a unique, influential and international sound. By interviewing the movers, shakers, players and makers it will try to work out where it came from and where it is going.