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“Eclectic Avenue Records has always been about quality and associated with companies that share that same passion. We wanted to use a promo system that didn’t just send out any old rubbish and that worked in a professional manner targeting the people that we wanted to receive our promo’s. At the end of every week I would receive a well laid out report of which I could forward to our distributor to use as sales notes. RLS is a professional service run by people that actually know the market inside out and upside down”
Jacob Kelly – Eclectic Avenue Records

Since starting in 1994, we have successfully managed campaigns promoting music to all corners of the globe using DJs, club nights, radio, blogs, games, online networks, magazines, videos and fanzines to spread the love.

RLS is now offering this promotion service to similarly forward thinking labels that want maximum exposure for their music. Each release is delivered to a tailored selection of DJs and media; from ‘A’ list jocks to specialist blogs and reliable residents to the hippest radio shows. Our extensive mailing list is constantly evolving.

Using a simple MP3 promo system each EP is sent out two weeks prior to release and we send you 4 weekly feedback sheets with one concluding tracking report to assist with artist, distributor and licensee liaison.  Recipients can only download the music if they provide feedback.

All you’d need to do is provide RLS with artwork, audio and a press release then we’ll do the rest (artwork design and press release services can be provided as an optional extra)

Promoting music has never been easier!


Single/EP (up to 5 tracks) at £150 per release, we also do albums just ask for a price.


Press Release – £20

Packshot Artwork – £50

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Bar chart of Fave track on single

Tom Findlay - Groove Armada

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